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3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Green Space In Your Home

Privacy Pop Bed Tent 3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Green Space In Your Home

The natural world we are a part of has become something we are increasingly detached from. With the majority of the world now living in urban and industrialized areas, we’ve never been more disconnected from our environment. However, spending time in the outdoors and immersing ourselves in the natural world has endless benefits, both for our physical and mental health.

Whether it be visiting a local national park, spending a day by the seaside or mountain climbing if we have the possibility to do so, there is a large body of research to show the positive effects nature has on our mental health when we spend time within it.

Whilst it may be tempting to believe that nature is something only to be enjoyed when we’re outdoors, the opposite is true. With the right knowledge about what plants are suitable for what indoor environments, we can indeed create a green oasis within our own homes.

The benefits of having these green spaces as part of our everyday, whether it be in our living rooms or bath tubs, are also incredible in terms of improving our mental health and overall well-being. That’s why this article is exploring why having a green space in your home is beneficial and rewarding.  

Improved Overall Health

As Texas Agriculture and Medicine University explains, plants kept within the home and workplace help to increase individual’s concentration levels.

Furthermore, “…tasks performed while under the calming influence of nature are performed better and with greater accuracy…Moreover, being outside in a natural environment can improve memory performance and attention span by twenty percent.”

The University also explains how flowers can improve happiness levels as well as individuals overall moods whilst reducing the likelihood of stress-related depression.

In acknowledging this research, it’s clear that having green spaces in your home, no matter how big or small, has many benefits for your overall health and well-being. The research also confirms that an interior space with plants has higher levels of positive energy.

A Stylish Touch

An article by The Local explored the rising trend for Swede’s to grow succulents within interior spaces such as offices, homes and cafes. The article suggested succulents are “...Swede's secret weapon when it comes to planting additional style into their homes…” (2017).  

Furthermore, “The nation's deep-rooted connection to the outside world and love of natural materials puts Swedes in pole position to be natural fans of bringing the outside inside – with succulents the logical choice” (2017).

Thus, introducing a green space can be a stylish addition. The aforementioned succulents are especially popular thanks to their easy nature. Without the need for copious amounts of water or sunlight, succulents are self-sufficient and an ideal plant for growing indoors.

Clear Away Toxins

Plants are not only great for lifting our mood and reducing stress. They’re also effective in clearing away air toxins and reducing air pollution within indoor spaces.

Considering the current climatic crisis the world now faces as well as the increasing threat to clean, pollution-free air, it’s never been more important to surround ourselves with plants. Their natural ability to clear away toxins and improve overall air quality is just another reason why having a green space within your home is endlessly rewarding.

As a study conducted by the University of Technology, Sydney revealed “Indoor plants reduce all types of urban air pollution” (2014).