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5 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions For A Successful 2020

Privacy Pop Bed Tent 5 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions For A Successful 2020By: Peter Manley

New Year’s resolutions are some of the best opportunities for people to finally bring change to their lives, whether it be in the form of quitting a bad habit, starting a new good habit, launching a business, losing weight, being more confident, or anything in between. Sure, change is something that happens throughout the year, but there’s no doubt that people seek more change when bringing in the new year.

If you’re feeling the New Year’s spirit and are ready to bring change into your life, now is the chance to have a seat and write out your list of the most important changes you want to make in your life. Following suit, we’re here to help as always. If you’re trying to think of New Year’s resolutions and continue to draw blanks, we’ve created a handy list of fresh ideas for you to consider. Yes, make a plan to quit smoking or to lose weight, but consider trying something new as well.

Here are five very awesome New Year’s resolutions to try for a successful 2020. You’re welcome.

#1: Take Up Meditation

Once a taboo thing to do, meditation is now widely accepted by health officials and society as a very healthy and beneficial thing to do. Studies show that it helps to improve your mood, reduce stress levels, lower anxiety (if you have it), and bring about more focus in your day.

#2: Eat Veggies With Every Meal

Eating your veggies doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you vow to eat at least a little bit at every meal. Rather than scoffing down a plateful of veggies at dinner to make up for a day’s worth of nutrient-poor eating, plan to eat at least a few vegetables with each and every meal. Over the course of your day, you’ll have eaten more greens than you may realize.

#3: Pray Every Morning (Or Night)

In today’s world, it seems that religion and deeper spirituality has become a thing of old. However, getting back in touch with your spirituality can be one of the greatest achievements you can have in the new year. As a new year’s resolution, make it a goal to pray every morning or night, or both. If you’re not spiritual, you can still practice mindfulness in the form of meditation or taking time to reflect on what you’re grateful for in life.

#4: Do One Thing At A Time

Nowadays, people are finding it harder and harder to focus due to the many devices and notifications fighting for people’s attention. If you’re someone who finds it hard to focus, focus your efforts in 2020 on improving your ability to hone in on one thing. Resolve to focus on one thing or task at a time, rather than trying to multitask.

#5: Do Something That Scares You –– Every Day

This is one of the greatest resolutions for anyone to adopt, at least in my humble opinion. Improving your ability to overcome your fears in life can be one of the most liberating experiences, especially if you’re someone who tends to stay within the boundaries of your comfort zone. For the new year, vow to do at least one thing that scares you every single day. When you get up close and personal with fear, you eventually become immune to its paralyzing effects.