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Fan Love! What Our Customers Love About Their Privacy Pop

Fan Love! What Our Customers Love About Their Privacy Pop

We’ve been lucky enough to have customers who reach out to us to let us know what they like about us, and what features they’d like to see added in the future. Customer feedback has shaped our products from day one, and we continue to welcome honest, straightforward, and helpful reviews from everyone who supports our company. One of the things we’ve been happiest to learn from our reviews is the sheer number of different reasons people appreciate the Privacy Pop. Here’s a collection of reviews from people of all ages that really made us blush (if you find you want to read the rest, check them out on our product pages!)

Many of our customers love the tents because of the peace and quiet it brought them at bedtime. A lot of lucky kiddos have been gifted a Privacy Pop, and have suddenly discovered the joy of having their own space.

"My son could not stop giggling the first he sleeps in his own bed." -Kathleen B.

"Perfect for children who have anxieties concerning sleeping in the dark. My son says he feels protected by his pop tent." -Jennifer J.

"I have two teen boys that have shared a room for far too long. Space doesn't allow for them to each have their own room, so the Privacy Pop is a fantastic solution. I ordered two and beyond just providing some much needed privacy, my boys think these are incredibly cool! Our family is so happy to have found this affordable solution for a very real problem! Thanks for a quality product at a great price. -Jill V.

"I bought this for my daughter. She is absolutely thrilled with her Privacy Pop. She has built a steering wheel for the inside, a dashboard with a bunch of buttons and a very important button for hyperspace travel. The Privacy Pop is her very own spaceship and she loves it." -Tammy M.

"Awesome, bought it for my grandson, he calls it his apartment." -Dolores

A lot of parents credit the Privacy Pop with helping their children cope with issues that impede their ability to get a good sleep…

*My daughter has severe/profound autism and lives at a special school. She got the fort two days ago and her look of joy cannot be described. I can only assume it is what she has been waiting for. * -Allister C.

Our OT suggested a place where our daughter could get away from things when she was overwhelmed by her processing issues... This has helped her fall asleep faster and saved room by making the bed function also as a personal hideaway.... Her friends love their new fort as well and I loved the idea of the play tent going away in the living room! -Rita B.

*My grandson, 13 yrs old with severe Autism, has not slept a whole night in his own bed FOR YEARS!! We set up his new royal blue privacy pop up bed tent on Sunday 11-8-15 and thrilled to say -- he has slept THROUGH THE NIGHT IN HIS OWN BED SINCE THAT NIGHT!!!! We are thrilled!! This is a great product for anyone with sensory issues!!!! * -Susan C.

I purchased the Privacy Pop for my seven year old grandson. He has ADHD, and the cozy tent helps him calm down and get ready for sleep. We love to snuggle inside. It was easy to put together, too. -Mary M.

My daughter has PTSD and other early childhood trauma history - the tent provides her with a safe and secure space where she can go whenever she need to feel those things. It is also just plain fun. I want my own and I am a fully grown adult. :) -Cheryl P.

But don’t get us wrong… plenty of adults are also digging the better night’s rest they can now get...

I saw an ad for Privacy Pop randomly online and was intrigued. I have trouble sleeping and like things to be really dark, and it works amazingly for that. Very pleased! -Daymara E.

*My husband can't sleep when it's light, so I got this for him. He loves it. He especially loves being able to nap, even when it's light outside. * - Beth B.

*Love this tent. I work nights and sleep in the day and the need for a full day’s rest is no joke. With the bed tent I can get a quality 8 hours rest. Love this bed. * -Gina W.

Worth every penny. Bought this for deployment and it has been the best purchase I've made to help me get through living with 12 other people. -K. Corbishley