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How To Choose The Right Color For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Color For Your HomeWhen talking about interior design, there is nothing more overwhelming than choosing the color palette for your home. I mean, walking into a paint store to see the “wheel of colors” with countless shades makes every person`s head spin around.

A storm of questions starts to “flood” your head…How to start? How to make the colors work together? Bolder or more subtle? When and where? How and why?

Well, no need to panic. Choosing the color palette in your home can be successfully done when following these tricks we've gathered for you.

Wait no more to dive deep into what we've prepared.

1. Work With What You Have/Own

We all have that picture-perfect, Pinterest downloaded living room which is GOALS but unfortunately not that much of a reality.

However, don’t go too far, too soon. Having an idea about the finished look is beyond great, but you should also think more thoroughly. Think about the already installed floor, the curtains, and the furniture you already own. Now, we don`t want to scare you, we just want you to think more permanently *unless you want to paint your walls each and every year or change the furniture you own*. Additionally, when talking about permanent things, we should mention staying away from short-lived trends. Trust us when we say the last thing you want to end up is with a room that feels dated.

2. Test Test Test 

We cannot possibly state this enough. Narrowing down your color choices might have been hard, but choosing a color doesn’t have to be. Bring home some samples, paint certain areas, and visually check out your idea. Does it work? Or can it be better?

What`s even more important, don’t forget to test out the chosen colors against your furniture, tables you plan on using, and other key elements to the particular room.  Don’t stick to trying out only one area, think about your home as a whole, as one big pie where every room matters. This means, try out the colors for every room you plan on repainting.

3. Stick with Similar Shades

Red kitchen and blue living room? Sounds bold, or maybe a more suitable description would be ludicrous.

Now don’t get us wrong, we can say you cannot have a red kitchen or a blue living room, but, but never together. The color palettes in all of your rooms should have at least similar colors. For example, if you choose a red kitchen, the open living space that follows should turn from red to brown and all of the neutrals that come with it. This will give your home a more coherent and soothing appearance.

In case you are panicking yet you don’t want to hire an interior design, you can always stick to neutrals. They are the safest choice possible. You literally cannot make a mistake when combining them. Bright and polished floor, white walls, carpet in a dark creamy shade, beige sofa, add some vivid colored accents and art pieces. Yup, it`s as simple as it sounds.