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How To Furnish And Organize Your Kids' Room

Privacy Pop Bed Tent How To Furnish And Organize Your Kids' RoomWhen you have children who share a bedroom, you may hear a lot of arguments over toys and clothes. It is not uncommon for children to feel their space has been invaded, but luckily, there are ways to keep the arguments down to a minimum. What you need is to furnish your kids' bedroom in a way that gives them their own space.

Separate Storage Solutions

The first thing you want to do is invest in a separate toy box for each child. If your children are a little older, than a separate bookcase or cube shelving unit works. You can also invest in a storage solution for shared items, such as a plastic storage bin. This way, your children have the option of keeping their items in their own space.

If space is limited, consider one bookcase or cube shelving unit, and let them place their items in smaller, labeled containers. They are still keeping their items separated, but you do not have to worry about taking up a lot of floor space in their room.

Closet Organizers

Most bedrooms only have one closet, which means your children are going to be sharing it. For pre-teens and teenagers, this becomes the source of arguments. One child may accuse their sibling of taking a shirt without permission, while the other child may have clothes all over the floor of their closet. What you need is a closet organizer, from two smaller organizers to one organizer designed for two people.

With their closet organizers, your children can create a system that works for them, even if both sides of the closet look different. It keeps their clothes off the floor and on their side of the closet, so neither child is going to complain about a mess. It also allows them to keep track of their inventory, so they do not accuse the other sibling of taking an item.

Bed Tents

Hitting the hay can be a chore for roommates, especially if they have a different routine or bedtime. A child who is ready for bed may want the lights off earlier, while the other child may want to read or study for a little while. Once again, this leads to another argument, as well as a lack of sleep.

You can solve this problem by investing in a bed tent, such as the Privacy Pop Bed Tent, to give each child their own space at bedtime. If they are not going to bed at the same time, they can close their tent using the zippered closure. It also works for daytime, as they can close their bed tents while playing, reading or doing homework. When they are ready to socialize, they can easily open their bed tent to spend time with their sibling.

Children sharing a bedroom does not have to be a difficult situation. While they may enjoy spending time together, they still need their own space, which you can achieve with separate storage, closet organizers and bed tents.