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How To Not Catch A Cold This Fall

How To Not Catch A Cold This Fall

By Peter Manley

Sure, COVID-19 is very much so a “hot keyword” in today’s world. But while the world is caught up on the current pandemic (and rightfully so), there’s a common villain that’s getting ready to show face in a few months: the common cold.

While the common cold is generally not life-threatening unless it’s a severe case, it is usually very uncomfortable and inconvenient. Rather than describing a specific virus or condition, the common cold is actually a collection of symptoms including a fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, and tiredness, all of which are caused by a virus such as influenza or certain coronaviruses.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your chances of catching a cold this fall, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to not catch a cold this fall season. You’ll be thanking us later!

1. Wash Your Hands Often

One of the best ways to avoid catching a cold is by practicing good hygiene and one of the best ways to practice good hygiene is by washing your hands often and thoroughly. As a general rule of thumb, wash your hands after coming in contact with someone, before and after eating, and once you get back home after running errands.

How you wash your hands is important, too. Using lukewarm water, lather soap in your hands for 20-30 seconds before washing them off. This helps to make sure that all the germs on your hands get washed down the drain.

2. Eat Your Greens

Your mom said it a thousand times and we’ll say it again: eat your vegetables. By eating a healthy dose of greens each and every day, you’ll provide your body with the nutrients it needs to build a healthy and strong immune system.

While just about all vegetables and plants are good for you, cruciferous and dark green vegetables tend to pack the biggest punch of nutrients. Greens such as broccoli, kale, spinach, and mustard greens are great starter options.

3. Get Enough Sleep At Night

Have night owl tendencies? Well, if you want to avoid getting a cold this fall, it’s best to get some more shuteye at night. It’s a known fact that most Americans don’t get enough sleep at night, so it’s no wonder that millions of people catch a cold every year.

Your body detoxifies and primes itself as you sleep, so it’s important to get a good night’s rest so that you can allow your body time to perform this process. A general rule of thumb is to get anywhere between 8-10 hours of sleep every night.

If your bed isn’t feeling quite like a place of sleep and relaxation, try getting a Privacy Pop Bed Tent. It blocks out light while turning your bed into a safe and private haven.

4. Get Your Sweat On

You probably already knew this, but working out provides great benefits for your health and overall wellness. But it’s also particularly effective for reducing your risk of illness, including the common cold.

Regular exercise boosts your immune system, rids your body of toxins, and helps you get good sleep a night. All these, of course, help to reduce your overall risk of catching a cold this fall season. So put on your running shoes and hit the pavement!

5. Practice Safe Social Distancing

This is a given in today’s world, but social distancing yourself from people who may have a cold this fall will help you to avoid catching it as well. If you have to be near someone who is sick (e.g. you live with them), ask them to limit where they roam around the home to one or two rooms. Then, avoid going into these spaces as much as possible.