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Lucid Dreaming: How To Have & How Good It Is For You

Lucid Dreaming: How To Have & How Good It Is For You

By: Ashlie Lopez

Imagine yourself in a fantasy world which is controlled and dominated by the power of your mind. Lucid dreaming is a way by which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming. Some people are passive lucid dreamers, meaning they either wake up after the realization or they continue slumbering as normal. However, active lucid dreamers have total control over what happens in their dreams, how it happens and what they react to it.

To have a lucid dream, you need to follow the basic guidelines necessary for it. You might have to regulate your sleep-wake cycle, get your liver cleansed through detox or medicine, etc.

There is a natural curiosity when it comes to lucid dreaming. Is it safe to have lucid dreams? How can you increase your chances of having lucid dreams? This article is here to help you.

Lucid dreaming is an art learned over time and practice. The following are some ways to help encourage lucid dreaming:

1) A Comfortable Environment
Dreams occur at the last stage of the sleep cycle. This stage is achievable only if you have a sound and restful sleep. Follow proper sleep hygiene, use curtains, turn the lights off and use the headphones to prevent any noise that can hinder your dream.

2) Make A Dream Journal
This step is of great importance to the dreamer. You need to record what you saw in the dream continuously either in a notebook or in a voice tape. You can use any dream journal applications like Awoken, Dream keeper etc.

3) Perform Reality Check Regularly
This might sound insane, but you need to keep a regular check on when you’re awake and when you’re sleeping. The more aware you are about reality, the more you can identify what is unreal.

4) Try To Interpret Your Dream Signs
After you jot down your dream signs in a journal, you need to analyze the journal properly. Make sure you see all the hints or factors that are common in your dreams that might indicate something.

5) Going Back To Sleep
It is important that you go back to sleep immediately after you wake up to write in your journal. Don’t let your dream end, control it. Close your eyes and keep focusing on your dream. This will empower you to control your dream.

6) Stay Focused
If you start lucid dreaming, keep it going no matter how many times you get false outcomes and short-lasting dreams. Some common ways to prolong lucid dreaming includes:

  • Rubbing your hands in the dream
  • Keep convincing yourself that it’s a dream
  • Focus on whatever you are doing in your dream
  • Fall backward in your dream or spin around

After learning ways to lucid dream, you might be curious to know whether this is beneficial or risky for your health. Given below are some benefits and risks associated with lucid dreaming:

1) Better Control Of Your Subconscious
95% of your mind is under subconscious control. You don’t know what is happening inside your mind, subconsciously. But lucid dreaming you can help you get ahold of the information that is about you, but unknown to you.

2) Just For Fun
A lot of people like to lucid dream just to enjoy the fact that they are dominant and controlling over their dream. It’s like an exploratory game to them, playing with their dreams and relaxing their minds.

3) Overpower Your Fears
Most of our fears are either hidden from us or we are too afraid to admit them. Lucid dreaming can help us realize our strengths and weaknesses, thereby overpowering them.

4) A Practice Session In Your Head
A lucid dreamer can create scenarios to help prepare themselves for real-life situations. And the practice scenario can be maneuvered according to your wants and desires.

5) Interpretation Of Your Dreams
Last but not the least, the clues in your dreams relate to the interpretation of your dream. Constant nightmares might indicate anxiety or tension, seeing a person over and over again might indicate emotional attachment towards him/her.

6) Having A Clear Separation
So while lucid dreaming has a number of benefits, it is incredibly important that you do not allow it to disturb a healthy sleep/wake cycle or allow it to hinder your ability to distinguish between sleep and wakefulness.