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Make Your Bed: The Secret To Sleeping Better

Make Your Bed: The Secret to Sleeping Better

Quality sleep begins on the bed, and to ensure a proper sleeping environment, you must pay special attention to your bed. There’s more to it than just keeping your bed clean. It is about how you make it. So, say goodbye to sleepless nights and restless tossing by learning the right way to make your bed.

1. Start with a Neutral Foundation: Avoid layering too many patterns and colors, as you want the place to be relaxing, not overwhelming. Go for subtle motifs and tranquil tones with patterns and textures that match.

2. Skip The Heavy Layers: Yes, added layering adds extra comfort but if you go too crazy with it, most of it will end up on the floor. Avoid heavy duvets and instead, go for a light fabric washable quilt like linen or cotton.

3. Change Your Bedding In Accordance With the Season: Just like you give your wardrobe a makeover with the changing season, you should also change your bedding. Go for airy fabrics, like linen, in the summer and cozy textiles, like chenille, in winter.

4. Opt For Single-Ply Sheets: The recommended thread count is a single-ply-250 instead of a double-ply-400 because single-ply threads are more durable and comfortable as compared to double-ply threads.

5. Consider Weave and Cotton: Even though Egyptian cotton is considered the best, there are also American Upland and Pima cotton, which are not necessarily durable and delicate. A percale weave is cool and smooth, while a sateen weave is warm and silky. For a more lived-in and relaxed look, go for linen as it will soften over time with continued washing, and it will keep you cool during the hot summer nights.

6. Invest in a Good Pillow: A pillow can make or break your sleep session, so make sure you invest in one that quickly sends you to dreamland instead of keeping you wide-awake and counting sheep. You can choose from a variety of pillows, all customized to your sleep position. The trick is to go for one that keeps your posture aligned, is soft, and does not wake you up with a stiff neck.

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to deep, uninterrupted sleep. You might not consider it an important factor but making your bed properly can prove the key to good quality of sleep.