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Napping on the Job

A lot has changed about workplace culture over the last few decades. Though some offices retain a certain measure of decorum and formality, many offices have abandoned stiff dress codes and generic cubicles for a more relaxed atmosphere that promotes employee happiness and creativity. Napping on the job was once a surefire way to get yourself fired, but some companies are now actually promoting and facilitating workday snoozes. Many bosses now understand that an afternoon nap actually enhances employee performance and general wellbeing. Here’s a few places where a little shuteye after lunch is not only allowed, but an essential part of office culture.

Huffington Post Editor-In-Chief Arianna Huffington recently predicted that nap rooms would be as common as conference rooms within the next two years. She’s working hard to dispel the common conception that we can function on five or six hours of sleep and has gone so far as to write a book extolling the benefits of a good sleep schedule. At the HuffPost office, there’s a special NapQuest rooms where writers and editors can rest their tired eyes in futuristic napping pods.

Huffington Post Office NapQuest Rooms

Facebook Facebook is another behemoth tech company with a notoriously fun and playful workplace culture. Their nap pods look almost like a mini hotel room, complete with wooden wall coverings and paper lanterns!

Facebook Nap Pods

Google Google’s offices are usually the first that come to mind when people think of creative work environments. Google has attracted the best and brightest minds in tech and development by making their offices into what could be described as playgrounds for adults. Here’s a “relaxation room” in their Zurich office.

Google Offices Relaxation Room

Hubspot Though this smaller tech startup may not have the budget of a larger company like Facebook or Google, they’ve still decided that a nap room for employees is a smart investment. Hubspot’s products actually help flexible startup companies perform more productively and efficiently, so we can imagine that they know what they’re doing!

HubSpot Nap Room

Contemporary workplace culture would probably shock some of our grandparents. Gone are suits and ties, and in their place are complimentary smoothie bars, slides, and napping pods. While these perks may seem like they could be a distraction, the benefit they’ve had on employee happiness and productivity has been well-documented, and will only continue to spread outwards. As the napping trend catches on, designers all over the world are coming up with great ideas for workplace sleeping spaces. Could your office be next?