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Now The Kids Think They Have Their Own House - And Why That’s Awesome

Privacy Pop Bed Tent Now The Kids Think They Have Their Own House - And Why That’s Awesome

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, when it comes to kids, it’s that they are very quick to make almost any space completely their own.

If you’ve been in a store with young children recently, you’re probably aware of this. Kids have no problem walking around like they own the place. Sitting on shelves, trying to open packages, picking up every last thing they can see as if it’s their own personal toy.

So why would things be any different at their own house? They aren’t. Matter of fact - it’s ownership times ten. The funny part is, kids don’t seem to realize the house isn’t necessarily theirs. Technically, they share it. You know - with the people who pay the bills. Who pay the mortgage. Who provide the food.


But kids - they don’t care. How many times have you, as a parent, spent the entire day just running around after your son or daughter just cleaning up after them as they tear through the house like Bigfoot through a forest?

Kids are awesome, in the fact that they just want to have fun, at all times, and sometimes that fun means piles of toys, piles of blankets and forts made out of every conceivable pillow in the house.

Ready to kick the fun level up a notch without the mess? Introduce Privacy Pop into the equation. Game changer. Privacy Pop allows your child to have several cool things at their disposal, all at once. Since Privacy Pop is meant to provide comfort, privacy and a better night's sleep, they can start there. But when it’s up to kids - Privacy Pop becomes a whole lot more than just a place to sleep.

Here’s why kids will love Privacy Pop - not just just at nighttime.

  • The Ultimate Fort: Forget creeping through the house like they’re on a secret spy mission. No more will they need to sneak pillows from every corner of your home. The insta-fort Privacy Pop creates is an awesome play place.
  • Privacy, Please:Sometimes kids just legit want some space to themselves. Sure, it may not seem like it since their attached to the lower part of your leg 23 of the 24 hours in a day - but that’s probably because you’re the one who has the apple juice. Privacy Pop gives them their own little space to let their minds wander and imagination run wild. Send them there with some books and toys - and they’ve got their own, private little kingdom.
  • Clean Space: One of the coolest ways we’ve heard parents use Privacy Pop is by designating it as the kids own specific clean space. They can go nuts in their rooms, playrooms and backyard - but the Privacy Pop is treated as a space that’s kept clean and organized. Nice.

Privacy Pop is great for kids - but don’t forget about the parents too. Even one extra layer of protection against those all powerful nap snores is an added bonus!