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Personality and Your Sleep Position

Personality and Your Sleep Position

We all know how important body language is for communication when we’re awake, but what does our posture say about us when we sleep? Our subconscious may reveal much more about us than we realize.

Here are some common sleeping positions and what they may indicate about the sleeper’s personalities:

The fetal position involves lying on your side with your knees pulled in toward your chest. This position is a popular one and may be an effort to comfort oneself at the end of the day.

People who favor this sleeping position may have shy but warm natures, be highly conscientious and very organized, and prone to overthinking and worry.

Back sleepers, also called soldier sleepers, lie flat on their backs with their arms at their sides. Although this position tends to promote snoring, it is considered the best way to sleep for pain prevention.

Back sleepers may hold themselves and other people to high standards and tend to be reserved, quiet individuals.

Side sleepers lie on one side with arms straight at their sides and often need to stretch when they wake up due to stiffness. An alternative side sleeper position is lying on a side with arms straight out. Sleepers in this position are called yearners.

Side sleepers may exhibit traits like being easily trusting, highly gullible, and easy-going. Yearners are eager and progressive, but may also be stubborn, cynical, and suspicious.

Stomach sleepers are known as free fallers as they lay on their stomachs while keeping their arms at their sides. This position often encourages back and neck pain, and many stomach sleepers don’t use pillows.

Free fallers can be extroverts who are outgoing, reckless, and bold, but also anxious and sensitive to criticism.

Starfish sleepers lie on their backs with their arms raised up near or over their head. Unfortunately, this position leads to frequent snoring and poor sleep quality.

Starfish sleepers’ personality traits include being introverts, avoiding and deflecting attention, and having excellent listening skills.

While there is no hard science connecting personality characteristics to sleep positions, what we can all agree on is the need to find a comfortable sleep method that we can fall asleep in quickly. Although your sleep position may not reveal the deepest secrets of your personality, it can impact your quality of rest and how you feel the next day.