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Staying Connected with Loved Ones While Deployed

One of the greatest difficulties in life is being separated from the people you love most. Nothing comes near to the challenge of keeping the long-distance relationships “afloat”. Besides friends and family, adding a spouse and kids to the equation takes it to another level.

Unfortunately, this is a harsh reality for the thousands and thousands of men and women who are being deployed outside the USA. In most cases, we’re talking months of separation but sometimes even years.

However, reading and keeping in mind these few three tips might be just what you need.

1. Communication Is Key

The key component to every successful relationship is communication and this is particularly important in long-distance ones. Although it might sound obvious, honest, and constant communication will also improve the trust and respect you have for each other.

Talk, talk, and talk some more.

Talking with a loved one will not only make your bond stronger but also ease the stressful and unpredictable daily life of your deployed loved one.

Luckily nowadays technology is to the next level and so does the gadgets. Hand-written messages that took months to reach overseas destinations are now replaced with instant messages, emails, and real-time video calls. Yes, having multiple ways to reach out and communicate even in the most difficult times is a blessing.

2. Do Some Activities Together

One of the hardest things when being apart from the person you love is that you don’t get to physically be together and do all the activities that were your favorite.

Life is indeed in small things like eating popcorn and watching movies together, reading a book to your children, cooking that special meal together, and having a date night in the local restaurant.

Well, how about you arrange all this through a video call.

Simply set up a date, and do together with the activity you miss most. Or how about starting the read the same book at the same time. Doing such everyday activities will take off the burden of being apart and constantly talking about emotional and difficult stuff.

Besides arranging these things, also make the time to talk about the small everyday things. Daily happenings will also be a great distraction plus make your loved one feel like being right there with you, experiencing everything. 

3. The Old-Fashioned Way

Lastly, we must mention the old-fashioned way of communication. Yes, being tech-savvy and constantly having video calls is one thing, but preparing a care package for your loved one is completely another.

Think details, think hand-made things and hand-written letters, favorite snacks that can’t be bought there, drawings drawn by your children, etc.

This care-package doesn’t have to be a one-time thing, send it multiple times through the deployment. Make your favorite person look forward to something. 

Bottom line, yes – it will be challenging and different but ultimately it will make your relationship stronger.