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The Importance Of Privacy In The Home & How To Introduce It To Kids

 The Importance Of Privacy In The Home & How To Introduce It To Kids

Nothing can quite compare to the universal beauty of a home filled with child`s laughter, indoor camping site built from blankets, and some quality family time spent baking cookies or making pizza.

Home is where the heart is! This saying says it all!

However, for every child`s growth and character getting that individual time is just as important as getting that family time. Trust us when we say, this is important especially when having more than one child.

It`s all about privacy. Teaching your children from a young age how to have healthy boundaries within the home equals having fewer problems when they become teenagers and adolescents. Having set these mentioned rules and limits means more privacy for you as parents too.

Why Is Privacy Important?

Teaching your children about privacy is important because of a few reasons.

First of all, privacy equals independence, responsibility, and individualism.

Each and every child is a story and a world on its own (aside from the one as a family member). Making sure your child has privacy in the home means nurturing that sense of individualism from a young age. Privacy (in a separate room) also means taking care and being responsible for that particular space (controlling the space).

Said in a few simple words, privacy is important because of two reasons: Physical and Psychological.

If you have two or more children yet you don’t have the commodity to provide them with two separate rooms, you can always check out our Privacy Pop Tents. Our product will turn each of the beds in the shared room in a private oasis.

It is just as much about giving your children the space to organize their way into life as it is about giving them space to think things through on their own.

This need for privacy and space will grow as your child gets older. But that`s a well-known fact.

How To Teach Your Children About Privacy?

We believe teaching privacy is all about open communication and clear expectations; and above all, we believe it`s a two-way street (you have to teach them about how to respect other people`s privacy and allow them to have their own).

Teaching privacy from a young age can come in subtle forms such as knocking on the door before entering someone`s room, or asking for allowance prior to touching somebody else`s property such as a smartphone.

As the years go by, the tiny definitions of privacy will become more complicated. What matters most is communication and coming to an agreement *together*. It`s about defining what`s private and what`s not and above all being open and honest about it. For example, you should know where your teenage child is heading with his/her friends, but you shouldn’t know their private talks (it is a choice after all, and you as a parent have to respect it).

Privacy is all about making your child make good decisions and behave properly (avoid lying and having major secrets).