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The Perfect Crystals For Your Home

Privacy Pop Bed Tent The Perfect Crystals For Your HomeCrystals and minerals have gathered wisdom from the planet for hundreds of thousands of years. Most have experienced extreme heat and pressure, some have undergone massive transformation, and others have been weathered by the elements. Among other things, these experiences can lend themselves to helping us during similar times in our lives. A great way to incorporate their positive energy is through strategically placing them throughout your home as decor.

Here are a few ways to get started!

For Your Home Office/Study Nook

Do you or your child ever get distracted when working or studying? If you said no, please email us your secret! If you’re like the rest of us and you do have trouble focusing from time to time, do not despair, there is help from the crystal world that also makes a great accent piece!

The pale green, blue, clear and purple colors of rainbow fluorite make it a soothing piece of decor that resembles sea glass. These crystals can be found occurring naturally shaped as octahedrons, making a great visual display on your desk, and even better - if you or your child holds it during times that focus is required, it will help with staying clear-headed and on the task at hand!

For Your Child’s Bedroom

Whether your child is rambunctious or the best behaved kiddo this side of the equator, all children - and adults (and pets!) - can benefit from having amethyst in their room. This gorgeous purple variety of quartz can often be found as slabs, geodes and slices that can be displayed on nightstands and shelves to add not only a beautiful aesthetic, but also a very calming and soothing energy. Amethyst assists with a wide variety of issues, including calming anxiety, improving sleep and creating a sense of inner peace.

For Literally Any Room in Your Home

There is a crystal that cleanses not only the energy of your home, but also the energy of your other crystals. This means that as your crystals pick up on outside energy (say the tantrum your child was throwing last night, or when the dog freaked out during that last big thunderstorm), they become less effective and need to be cleansed to release that stuck energy and return to their natural state. A great way to do this is through the utilization of selenite.

Selenite makes a great edition to any room because it most commonly is found as white crystal towers or wands. They emit a soft, subtle vibration that simply makes them like the purell of the crystal world: They will cleanse and purify any space they occupy. Bonus points - the white variety pretty much goes with any color scheme! It also comes in greyish-brown ball shaped formations known as desert roses as well as polished orange stones, if that’s more up your alley, but the pure white selenite is the most cleansing.

You can use the selenite to help you cleanse the other crystals in your home simply by resting your crystals on your selenite every so often and setting the intention for them to be cleansed and uplifted energetically.