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The Simple Guide to Adult's Naps & How To Make The Most Of It

The Simple Guide to Adult's Naps & How To Make The Most Of ItA nap a day keeps the stress and fatigue away!

The time has come to break the stigma that naps are just for babies and kids. We couldn’t disagree more! Naps can be and are beneficial for adults too.

There is not a better feeling than coming home, having lunch, and then taking a half-hour nap!

Napping during daytime is like pressing restart to the same day! It`s like starting over. Do it correctly *yes – there are tips and tricks on how to nap* and you will wake up feeling energized, fresh, alerted, and in a better mood.

When To Nap?

If you are one of those people who don’t get their 8/9 hours of recommended sleep during nighttime; have low energy levels after lunch; or simply need another cup of coffee to get through the day; CONGRATULATIONS – you are the perfect nap candidate!

Sometimes, you don’t even need a particular reason. Having a short nap might just be a part of your daily routine, and there is nothing wrong with that.

How To Nap?

In case you thought there is no wrong way to nap, we are here to inform you – unfortunately, there is. Although this might shock you, remember that time when the short nap turned into a three-hour sleep and instead of feeling refreshed you woke up feeling more tired than ever?

Well, the chances are you’ve experienced sleep inertia. The longer the nap, the higher are the chances that you will feel groggy and tired. Hungover from sleeping too much is how we would like to describe it!

Other than sleep inertia, long naps might also affect your nighttime sleep quality. In order to avoid this, consider taking your naps early in the afternoon preferably after 3 p.m.

It`s simple, small naps – big benefits!

Besides keeping your naps short and in the early afternoon, another thing to focus on is the environment you sleep in. Said in one word it should be restful. Napping should be done in a quiet, dark (dim the lights, pull the shades), and colder place.

Sometimes you might even have to nap in your work environment, and when you don’t have the appropriate conditions, you might as well create them with our help. Our product and miraculous solution when napping, Privacy Pop can be used both in your home and work environment. Get the privacy you need in your office.


Why Nap?

Naps have numerous positive effects on your body. Here to follow are the most important ones:

  • Napping improves memory (in particularly important when learning new stuff)
  • Naps keep you consistent (in a way, they make your brain`s folders organized)
  • Napping lifts your mood and energy levels (mood booster)
  • Naps improve alertness (important for specific job titles)
  • Napping eases stress and anxiety (by improving your immune health)
  • Good for the heart and the cardiovascular system (reduced stress – reduced blood pressure)
  • Boosts your creativity levels

What are you waiting for? Get that nap!