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Tips for a Goodnight Sleep When Traveling

Tips for a goodnight Sleep When Traveling


Traveling is a luxury, however, maintaining healthy sleep patterns while traveling is essential! Visiting far off lands can be very stimulating for the mind. The part of the brain that enjoys the unfamiliar goes into overdrive–it is the reward-seeking part of your brain that is alert and makes it hard to catch some winks, even when you’re feeling sleep deprived. When we absorb new landscapes, languages and culture it feeds our brain with novel stimuli. At some point during your vacation it will hit you– your body and mind will want to crash.

The best thing you can do to refresh your mind, body and soul while traveling is maintaining a regular sleep pattern. If you are on a business trip, you’ll want to be your tip top self. Sleeping plays a crucial role in restoring your mental abilities. Make sure when entering new environments that you are equipped with the right tools and practices to help you go to sleep.

Here is a cheat sheet on how to get enough sleep whether you’re living a jetsetter lifestyle or are going on a holiday:

1.) If you’re visiting another time zone acclimate yourself to that sleeping schedule prior to your trip. You will be grateful once you do. Sleeping well helps your brain operate at optimum function.
2.) Create a familiar space in your hotel room. Remember, the unfamiliar excites our brain. Familiarity has the opposite effect. Packing your own pillow, photos or candles can stir the senses and help to recall the familiar.
3.) Lay off the digital devices before bedtime. Try reading yourself to sleep instead.
4.) Blanket yourself in darkness. Creating a dark and cozy place will help lull you to sleep!

It’s always important for adults to get 7-8 hours of sleep, but when traveling it is easy for sleep to elude us. Traveling without sleep can weaken our immune system, wreak havoc on our memory and release a cortisol in high amounts causing the skin to look less elastic than usual.

If you are traveling on a plane, be sure to drink lots of water, invest in a comfy travel pillow and blanket and, of course, steer clear of caffeine prior to boarding. Basically, you’ll want to stage your hotel room to look or feel like the place you usually lay your head down every night.

Sleep is equally as important and nourishing as a hearty and nutritious meal. Your vacation will be more memorable with a good night of sleep!