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Top Five Tips for Getting Kids to Sleep at Night

Privacy Pop Top Five Tips for Getting Kids to Sleep at Night

I am sure if there is one thing we could all agree upon, it would be that being a parent is almost like being a superhero. It like an opened browser`s windows with countless tabs, or a to-do list without an ending…

It is all about making the right choices on a daily basis; all about molding this tiny human into a wholesome and happy person; and all about creating healthy habits. When we do put it in a sentence it surely sounds simple…but we all know how challenging it could be. The hectic days and the sleepless nights, the choice of food and proper sleeping schedule.

Sometimes, bedtime for your children equals your worst nightmare. No matter how hard you are trying, it is not uncommon for them to resist going to sleep with every fiber in their body. Luckily, we are here to help you a bit and reveal all the vital tips and tricks. 

So here they follow:

1. Make Bedtime A Routine

Routine, routine, and routine! Yes, you`ve read that well. Put effort into creating a consistent nighttime routine which should include all the basic chores such as brushing teeth, washing up, putting on PJs, and having a glass of water and some other things such as reading a book, small talks about the day, and of course some goodnight hugs and kisses. Make bedtime a special time and focus on associating the bedroom with positive feelings and a sense of control and security.

2. Turn Off Electronics

Having televisions, computers, mobile phones, games, and other electronic devices in our surroundings have become a normal part of our everyday life. However, it is not unfamiliar that these devices stimulate our brain and trick it into thinking it needs to stay awake (because the light emitted from these devices is much similar to the daylight). This is the main reason why such devices should be turned off at least an hour before bedtime.

3. Create An Ideal Sleeping Environment

This tip takes a special place in our hearts because it is something we can take care of.

Your child needs a dark and quiet sleep environment which promotes sleeping and we have just the product for it – The Bed Tent. Suitable for naptime, bedtime, playtime, and some alone time, our product will revolutionize the bedroom of your child.

Remember the times when you were a child and wished for a very personal fortress in your room where you could have all the privacy in the world?

Well, you can choose our product and make this happen for your child.

4. Keep Regular Sleep And Wake Times

Maintaining the regular pattern of your child`s body clock is vital in this whole “proper sleeping” equation. Try to keep your child`s wake-up times and bedtimes within one to two hours of each other each day on both weekdays and weekends.

5. Proper Food At The Proper Timing

This tip is the most obvious and the easiest one which can be said for adults too. Proper food means avoiding sugary treats and caffeine which can be found in soft drinks, whilst proper timing means *eating* three to four hours before going in bed. Healthy snacks such as crackers, a glass of milk, or a piece of fruit are definitely allowed.

After reading our short but essential tips and tricks list, lastly we must mention every child is a story on its own. This means, instead of blindly following everything you read, focus on finding what works best for your child.