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Why Audio Books Are Better Than Screen Before Bedtime?

Privacy Pop Bed Tent Why Audio Books Are Better Than Screen Before Bedtime?Caring for your child’s good sleep makes a big impact for his proper development. One of the important things parents can do is to forget about the existence of a TV, tablet or computer before bedtime, and switch to reading in the evening routine. Although routine is a concept that can have negative associations, children tolerate it very well. What's more - they need it. Predictability gives them a sense of security, relieves anxiety. A constant evening rhythm - which in every home may look a little different and which changes with the age of the child - helps prepare the mind and body for sleep. And such preparation, or calmness, leads to better rest.

It is equally important to limit the factors that stimulate the child. According to specialists, children under 2 years of age should not watch TV at all. However, such bedtime activities also have a negative effect on older children because it stimulates them instead of silencing them. This is not only because media messages are associated with an excess of stimuli, but also because of the blue light emitted by screens and monitors, which inhibits the secretion of melatonin - then the brain gets information that it is daytime and increases its activity. Therefore, it is best if the child does not sit in front of the TV or computer and stay away from other electronic devices such as tablets and telephones for at least an hour before sleep.

What instead of the screen? Reading, of course. This activity not only clearly calms down your child but does it in a very short time. What if parents do not always can find the time for reading the children’s books? Then they can try to use audio-books which are an interesting alternative. They develop imagination, teach, calm down before bedtime, they are an excellent form of entertainment. What are the other benefits of listening to them? Children love books, they love listening to the stories. Unfortunately, sometimes there is not enough time to read or we are simply too tired. Then it is worth reaching for audio-books, a great option instead of reading, and what most important best alternative for a TV or tablet! It is increasingly said that children spend too much time in front of the screen. This may affect, for example, their stimulation or poor speech development. If your child loves watching cartoons, he will also love listening to a nice story. It is a good way to relax, audio-books before bed are like lullabies. Some audio-books come with a book - often beautifully illustrated. You can read it to your child first as toddlers love to listen to stories they already know well. They like to know how the fairy tale will develop. And they are not bored at all, their imagination works - just like when they listen to a story that you read for them.

Nothing replaces the time spent together with your child while reading books, but audio-books are an interesting alternative to use as well. Bedtime stories should be short, relaxing and interesting. Or boring, if it supposed to put the child quickly to sleep.